Wednesday, 1 January 2014

DIY gold tray

I love an easy DIY which can be customised in a million different ways. Like this gold zig-zag tray. 
I spent £1.50 on plastic black tray from a charity shop and I used some gold and white craft paints from my previous projects. 
I think it came out really nice. Looks really pretty on the living room table with few bits and bobs. It would also look great on a entry table for keys and mail. Depends what shape your tray is. 

So this is what you need:
An old tray ( wooden/plastic, glass) 
white acrylic paint
gold metallic spray paint or a gold leaf ( I've used spray paint)
masking tape 

Step 1
Paint the tray with your desired colour ( I've used clean white)
Let it dry
Step 2
Use the masking tape to draw out any shape you want on the bottom of the tray. I've made an aztec/chevron design. Make sure that the tape is securely  attached 
Step 3
Spray with a gold spray paint ( or use gold leaf)
Let it dry 
Step 4
Gently remove the masking tape and spray two light coats of acrylic spray
Step 5
Use it! 
What do you think?

Have a wonderful week! 

Paulina x